Our beautiful facility offers the following amenities:


Three Barns to choose from.





  • 60 x 120 Indoor Arena with jumps

  • Large Outdoor Sandring

  • Round pen

  • 11 x 11 Matted Stalls

  • 12 x 11 Matted stalls

  • Broodmare stall

  • Two Wash stalls

  • Space for Lockers

  • Blanket storage area

  • Seating / lounge space

  • Quarentine space

  • 8  rolling acres of pasture for summer grazing

  • 12 outdoor  grass paddocks

  • Plenty of feilds and hills for hacking

  • Washroom Facilites

  • Hot and cold water


WELCOME to Pleasant Creek Stables
Where your horse can be a horse.
An affordable and fully Insured Boarding establishment providing top notch care for both horse and rider.
Indoor  & Oudoor Boarding Available

 Spring / Summer hours 

6:00 am - 10:00 pm 

 Fall / Winter 

8:00 am - 9:00 pm 

Special arrangements can be made outside of these hours

Group trail rides:

​The boarders at Pleasant Creek regularly plan group outings and trail riders together, atleast once a month.

This creates a friendly and supportive environment for each individual and develops camaraderie between us and helps to keep up the enthusiasm and morale.

Grass as far as the eye can see:

​Pleasant Creek offers plenty of grass throughout the spring and summer months as well as into late fall.

All of our paddocks and pastures are regularly maintained in order to control weeds as well as prevent parasites.

We have several outdoor rotational paddocks with Shelter as well as a large 8 acre summer pasture.


​Pleasant Creek Stables offers a quiet, non- competitive environment for both rider and horse alike, affording the enjoyment of each moment spent together alone or in a group.

We are a non lesson barn which caters to riders of all disciplines allowing them to experience the peace and serenity that Pleasant Creek has to offer.

We are always looking for new ways to improve and expand the facility in order to accomidate the needs of all of our horses leaving no one out.

Our Mission is to provide the horses with the utmost professional care available, while allowing them to live as close to nature as possible. 

The most important thing at our facility is "what does the horse need". When you have a happy healthy horse, you will have a ready and willing partner.

Enjoyment All year round:

Situated on 209 Acres of property, Pleasant Creek Stables is able to offer its' boarders with plenty of safe outdoor riding space to help prevent the winter blah's and allow for continual regular exercise in the colder weather creating a much healthier mental and physical environment for both horse and rider alike.

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